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Sunday, November 13, 2011


perception (industrial and organizational psychology)

why need to learn perception?
Because perception is a cognitive process that causes a person to capture or view situations around the person and interpreting it in a way unique and different.

The process of Perception :
external environment (physical environment) example: office store => Confrontation of specific stimulus (example: supervisor or new product) => registration of stimulus (example: sensory & neural mechanisms) => Interpretation of stimulus (example: motivation, learning, personality) => Feedback for clarification => behaviour (covert or overt) => consequence.

perception is influenced by:

  1. External Attention Factors : Intensity, Size, Contrast, Repetition, Motion, Novelty and familiarity.
  2. Internal Set Factors : Motivation, Personality, Learning.

Social Perception :
1. attribution internal : judge other people based on self-perception.
attribution external : judge other people based on the real situation.
2. Stereotyping : judge other people based on general information.
3. Hallo effect : judge other people based on first impressions.

Impression Management is the process by which people attempt to regulate or control the forms of perception.

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