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Friday, November 25, 2011


prejudice and discrimination

According to Baron and Byrne (2004: 215), prejudice is an attitude (negative) toward members of a specific social group based on their membership in the group. David O. Sears, social prejudice is the assessment toward group or an individual who is primarily based on group membership, meaning that social prejudice directed at people or groups of people who different with them or their group.

Cause of prejudice:
1. Social inequality
2. Social identity
3. conformity
4. The effect of "us" versus "them"
5. Cognitive sources of prejudice (stereotypes and illusory correlation)

Factors Affecting Social Prejudice:
1. Effect of Personality
2. Education and Status
3. Education Influence Children by Parents
4. influence Group
5. Influence of Politics and Economics
6. Influence of Social Relations
7. influence Communication

Theory of Social Prejudice:
1. Realistic Conflict Theory
2. Social Learning Theory
3. Cognitive theory
4. psychodynamic theory
5. Social Categorization Theory
6. Social Comparison Theory
7. Relative deprivation

Types of Social Prejudice:
1. aversive
2. Ambivalent
3. Vanquisher

According Theodorson & Theodorson, discrimination is unequal treatment of individuals, or groups, based on something, usually categorical, or unique attributes, such as race, ethnicity, religion, or membership of social classes.

According to me, discrimination starts from the existence of social prejudice. And social prejudice is contain attribution (external and internal) and stereotyping.

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