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Friday, November 04, 2011


rhiriez is real

holla~! this time i'll share about me! rhiriez is real human in real world! hahaha....
ok... my long name is "RISMA PUJI ASTUTI", but since i was born untill now, my family, relatives, neighbours, classmates, universitymates, schoolmates, homemates, roomates, they all call me "RIRIS" but i write "RHIRIEZ", thats same spelling right? mwehehe..

my father and mom r civil servant in here. mom's office is near with my university and dad's office in Temanggung. urrmm... actually dad's office is near with my university too, but he was moved to Temanggung, 2 hours from my home.
i have one older sister, she named "RAHMA SARSETYANING UTAMI" and everybody call her "RARA"~ rara and riris.. so nice right? kekekeke~
my sister was graduated diploma of informatics management in Polytechnic Telkom Bandung last week and she will continue to scholar of informatics management.
we often moved. me and my sister born in Banda Aceh. in there, my kindergarten in RA. Al-Khairiah Banda Aceh, then studied at SD Negeri 39 Banda Aceh but its just till class 1. then we moved to Jombang, East Java. Jombang is mom's hometown. we moved because Banda Aceh is not save to life anymore because of GAM (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka) they are soo anarchism!! i was study at SD Negeri Pesantren Jombang.
we only 1 year in Jombang, because we r just waiting my dad who still in Banda Aceh to care his transfer work. then we moved again! hahaha... im very thankful because if we didnt move, we can be tsunami victims! huaaaa.... but i dont think soo... bacause my house is near Baitul Rahman mosque and i hear that my home is safe!
then we moved to Kendal, Central Java. but it just 2 years, we only rent house in there then my parents bought house at Boyolali because of my parents dont want far with my grand parents! my grandparents from my mom in Jombang was passed away, and they just have parents from dad. so they r very care with my grandparents!
when i live in Kendal, i studied at SD Negeri Pegulon 1 Kendal. Then we moved to Boyolali, Cental Java. This is End of our journey! wkwkwk~ Until now, me and my family still live in Boyolali.
in here i was studied at SD Negeri 5 Boyolali then entered to junior high school in SMP Negeri 1 Boyolali, woaahh... im proud i can enter in SMP Negeri 1 Boyolali because its very hard to enter at there! very famous in here and other city!
then i enter senior high school at SMA Negeri 2 Boyolali.
i continue my study in state university of Semarang. iam proud because of i can enter in state university! hwehehe... in my country, its hard to enter state university!
i take psychology in university and take concern to clinical psychology. i dont know why i can interesting about psychology!
ehh, my family want to moved to Semarang. its because 3 of us (dad, mom and me) in Semarang, and we comeback to Boyolali just in weekend. huaaa.... its seems we spend our weekend in villa in Boyolali. LOL!
but its canceled, because my parents dont want if selling my house in Boyolali.
we often spend our weekend to shopping or just hang out together. hehe...
u know that rhiriez is funny! i love to make everybody laugh or just smile because of me! i can repressing all of my sad. for me, they happines r my happines too! althought im sad and outside i can smile but inside i cant smile, i can make them laugh! ^_^
for me, if u respect me, i'll respect too! just it! dont think if i can make u all laugh so u dont respect me! arrggghhh.... who iam? i give u happines but u dont respect me? ckckck~
my friends said that the reason why i study psychology is because of i do outpatient my psyche! bwahahaha! i like that reason!!

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