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Friday, June 21, 2013


Self Efficacy

heyy readers... did u know about self efficacy? read this and you'll know about self efficacy..

Why are self efficacy perceptions so important? it is because self efficacy perceptions influences a number of different types of behavior that, in turn, are necessary for human achievement. 

Consider some area of life in which you have achieved success. People with a higher sense of self efficacy are more likely to decide to attempt difficult task, to persist in their efforts, to be calm rather than anxious during task performance, and to organize their thoughts in an analytical manner. 
A large and diverse set of research findings indicates that relation between measures of perceived self-efficacy and performance is strong (Bandura & Locke, 2003; Stajkovic & Luthans, 1998). 
A second distinction of importance concerns the difference between self efficacy expectations and outcome expectations (bandura, 1977a). 
a basic claim of social-cognitive theory is that self efficacy perceptions causally influences behavior. if u think critically about such claims, you may already have a counter-argument: maybe self-efficacy perceptions do not really play a causal role. maybe some other factor is really the cause. one possible other factor is people's actual level of skill. skill levels might influences both self efficacy perceptions and behavior, and account for the relation between perceived self efficacy and motivated action.

Bandura defined self-efficacy as "people's judgement of their capabilities to organize and execute courses of action to attain designated types of performances". 
What is important for us is bandura's belief (1990) that self efficacy is crucial for a student's control over motivation. students who have a strong sense of efficacy tend to focus their attention and effort on the demands of tasks and to minimize potential difficulties (Bandura, 1986).
Students' feeling of efficacy influences what challenges they will face, how much effort they will expend, how long they will persevere, and how much stress they are willing to accept (bandura, 1990). 
Deciding to try out for a part in the senior high school play, a student auditions, attends rehearsals, studies lines, and practices at home, all the time believing that she is qualified for the role and will do well in it. In other words, this student has selected a reasonably difficult goal (being in the play), processed information about the nature of the task and her ability (made decisions about self efficacy), observed others succeeding at similar tasks (modeling), and begun to receive praise for her performance (feedback and reinforcement). All of these activities are linked to the notion of self efficacy.

reference :
Pervin, A Lawrence, Daniel Cervone, Oliver P. John. 2005. Personality – Theory and Research. United States of America: John Wiley & Sons.

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