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Friday, January 14, 2011


mistery of "lawang sewu"

u know what is "lawang sewu"?
lawang sewu is one of old building in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

the named of lawang sewu is from javanese language, lawang = door and sewu = one thousand. so lawang sewu is the building which have one thousand door. actually lawang sewu just have around 999, but javanesse people named that building with "lawang sewu" not "lawang sangangatus sangangpuluh sanga"~ LOL~
lawang sewu was builded at 1903 years, wooowwww..... its mean that lawang sewu is sooooooo old, same as ur old? :p
Then that building which have 2 floors used for Nederlandsch Indishe Spoorweg Naatschappij.After Indonesia's independence (17th August 1945) it was used as departement train office.
that building be a place for spectacular war at 9th september 1945, between Indonesian who try to reseize this building from Japanese's hands.
Treced more deep of Lawang sewu

" inside still substantial "
from major door exist a big stair towards 2nd floor. A grafir glass which drape window with gorgeous basrelief. Alleyways which have a bit axposure make this building rather mistyc. From one of balcony in 2nd floor we can see city park view.
" jail under ground "
go down to the base part we can see jail. in beside right and left alley exist rooms. there are a place persecution for prisoner by dutchman and japanese.
room 1x1 meters same as locker known as stand jail because in there exist 5-6 prisoner after persecution with iron trellis and be let stand untill die.
The last room is execution room. in there exist a steel table in floor.

Lawang sewu is ghostlike????
believe or not, this is a video from one of reality TV programme in Indonesia and the winner of best reality programme, Asian television awards (2004)

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