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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


5 most beautiful beaches in Bali island

Indonesia has many beaches, because Indonesia is an archipelago.
This time i'll share some information about "5 most beautiful beaches in Bali Island".
i think everyone in everywhere in this world know what and where is bali island??
have you ever go there??
I've been going there twice. first, when i was second grade in junior high school then second grade in senior high school. *proud*Photobucket how about you??

Bali is recognized the world tourism region by the Whole World in natural beauty and cultural richness that is very thick, the beach in Bali is one of the 10 best beaches in the World. Where and what are the most beautiful beaches on the Bali island this?

1. Padang bai beach

This beach located at the port of Padang Bai crossing Bali - Lombok. This beach is maintained cleanliness and beauty. For anglers and divers really like this beach. Because even adjacent to the harbor but marine life is still very well preserved. But be careful if you want to dive here, sometimes the current is very strong.

The most interesting in the region of Padang Bai is a protected place in a bay with coral stones so that the life under the water to be safe. In the eastern part of the port of Padang Bai area there is a beach at this time become a pretty coastal resorts visited by tourists, especially foreign tourists. Among tourists, this beach area known as the Blue Lagoon beach.

foreign tourists who visit the Blue Lagoon beach because they can enjoy the quiet beauty of nature with a combination of natural hill with a panoramic view of blue sea and can directly witness the events surrounding the general population earns a meager living as a fisherman. In addition to the blue ocean views and charming, Beach Blue Lagoon also has a white sand beach that is clean and thick that many tourists who use it to swim in the sea or sunbathing on the beach. Another activity that can be done tourists include diving and snorkeling because of the sea in the east of the port of Padang Bai there are many tropical ornamental fish with beautiful coral reefs.

2. Legian and Seminyak Beach

this beach is located on the northern beach of Kuta beach has the same atmosphere with the beach of Kuta, but the beach in Legian and Seminyak is cleanliness and atmosphere are not so crowded.

Legian and Seminyak Beach is a favorite place of photographing the sunset, because the atmosphere of the sunset each day is never the same and very unique.

3. Dreamland beach

Dreamland beach is very popular on foreign tourists. Coral reefs big beautifying the beach, one of the white sand beach in Bali is very beautiful and exotic. But access to this place is rather difficult because of we must enter to the luxury housing complex and a very steep downward path, so be careful when rainy season.
As you enter Dreamland Beach tourist area, your eyes will be enchanted by the beauty of this beach. Hilly and rugged areas that make you look as if the lower beach area on the sea. Dreamland is a beach surrounded by cliffs towering and large rocks.
When you are down the rocks and the steps to the beach, you will be dazzled by views of rock cliffs on which there is a green pasture that is high enough. Many foreign and local tourists who like to enjoy in the meadow area.

Dreamland Beach area is also very alluring eyes. You will be captivated by a whitish brown sand, clean with a steep gully. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset on a narrow coastal area directly beneath the steep rock walls.

Dreamland Sea region also has high and big waves. Therefore, many surfers like to surf on this beach. Dreamland is also one surfing destination in Bali.

4. Sanur beach

Sanur Beach is the location for surfing. Especially the surf beach of Sanur is famous among foreign tourists. Not far from Sanur Beach there are also dive and snorkel sites. Because of the condition were friendly, the location of these submarines can be used by divers of all levels of expertise.
Sanur Beach is also known as Sunrise beach as opposed to from Kuta Beach.

kyyaaaaaa~ I've been going there twice.. saw the sunrise with my classmate~ so romantic..
lets see my private pict...

5. Lovina beach

Lovina Beach is one of the tourist area of ocean that located at the northern island of Bali. The beach is located in Lovina in North Bali area this is interesting because it is still relatively natural. One uniqueness of this beach is that you can see the action of wild dolphins found in the sea.

cool right???Photobucket hey~ its just 5 beaches, still many beautiful beaches in Bali also in Indonesia..

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