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Sunday, February 13, 2011



just comeback from the mall~ i bought many chocolates and some ice cream.. yaaalaaaaa~ tomorrow is valentine's dayPhotobucket
but for me, the valentine's day is nothing special so i never celebrate that day~ the chocolates just for someone who gives me chocolate too. hehehe~Photobucket
every year i am always got many chocolates from my friends in valentine's day~ the most from male friends. woooohooooo~milkysmile
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but it all does not apply to this year~ i think i'll get chocolates only from my parents and my best friends~
some people say that I am now little
fierce. hagagagag~ i dont know why??
just previous my life.. I was trauma to fall in love again~ boys always tease me untill i dont know who is really sincere love me.
every time I loving him sincerely, he left me~ its very hurt right??milkysmile
and every time he loving me sincerely, i left him~ i just realize how much he loved me after broke up.. ARRGGGGHHHHH~!!!!! what should i do??Photobucket
my last boyfriend is my friend in facebook from other country, not far from my country Indonesia~ but.................Photobucket
forget it!! not good remember the past~ hohoho.....
errrrmmmmmm~ happy valentine's day everyone.. dont forget give me a big chocolate~!milkysmile

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