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Tuesday, March 29, 2011



1. BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY about the biology which relates to psychiatric diversion & treatment of deviations
through manipulation brain
2. DEVELOPMENT NEUROBIOLOGY about system change
nerve in coordination with maturity age = neuroscience

3. NEUROANATOMY about structure / anatomy of the nervous system
4. NEUROCHEMISTRY chemical processes that arise from activities
nerves, especially the processes underlying the signal transmission through
nervous system
5. NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY interaction between the nervous system with endocrine & hormone produced
6. NEUROETHOLOGY relation between the nervous system with a distinguished behavior
In an environment arise naturally and laboratory animals who tightly controlled
7. NEUROPATHOLOGY deviation nervous system
8. NEUROPHARMACOLOGY effects of drugs on
nervous system, especially affecting the cell transmission
9. NEUROPHYSIOLOGY nervous system response
mainly involved in the transmission of electronic signals
through the nerve cells and between nerve cells

1. Physiological Psychology in its focus on manipulation
nervous system through the operation, electrical therapy and chemical therapy in
experimental condition which is strictly controlled in the experiments
generally used as a subject of research animals (mice, rats
white, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits)
2. Psychopharmacology is engaged in the same but the focus is more on the drugs (chemicals) which affect
subsequently affect the nervous system against the behavior. Effect of substance
chemistry of the brain is not merely a bad connotation (eg
substances influence depressive / weaken on brain activity, but also
trying to find chemicals which is useful in healing the damage
brain and substances which can reduce drug addiction)
3. Neuropsychology learn setback behavior
due to brain damage -> can be done through experiments
on a case or a research quasieksperimen to
patients who suffered brain damage because of illness, accident
or surgery
4. Pychophisiology studying the relation between physiology with
behaviors with a distinguished record of human physiological responses caused
psychological reaction to it -> such as attention, emotions, the admissions process
information -> EEG (electroencephalogram)
5. Comparative Psychology more emphasis on behavior
biological rather than behavioral mechanisms which are caused by system
nerve. study the comparative behavior of different species
and focused on the genetics, evolution, and behavior adaptation

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