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Sunday, April 03, 2011


10 points important before choosing hamster be a pet

1. Hamsters need a suitable place where they can sleep without being disturbed in the daytime, but where they may noisy in the afternoon and evening

2. Hamsters like a clean cage and fresh food every day. This requires little effort and time, which you lack

3. Hamsters do not like to be stroked all the time; otherwise would tame hamsters only if you spend time with them every day

4. Hamsters need absolute peace in his sleep. Only if this condition is met, then he will live his full life, that is 2-4 years

5. If you go on vacation, you should arrange for someone caring for your hamster

6. Hamsters love to roam and should be removed from the cage so that they can run free in a closed room in your control, or enter into a hamster ball plastic (travel ball) so that he can explore your home

7. Hamsters can cut off the wallpaper, floor board, or clothing as long as he runs free

8. Hamster cage should have as much as possible so that he would get the freedom of movement

9. If you already have pets, you should think about whether the hamster will be safe

10. Before buying a hamster, make sure that no one is home you are allergic to animal fur

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