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Monday, March 07, 2011


do not blame me!!

iam chatting with my ex-boyfriend and he told me that he was married~ 4 months ago on november.
what?? he was married?? why so hurry??
ok, fine! he just my ex! but it is regrettable~ because he's still very young, 22 years old and his wife same age as me..

ahh~ but he blame me!! he said that he did it because of me~ what the heck??milkysmile
ok~ I think this is all really my fault.. he told me that he loves me very much.. although he have girlfriend (before he married and after he broke up with me)~ I think he's already crazy!
we break up was 4 years ago~ and he still expect my love? what the hell!!!milkysmile
I admit that he love me sincerely and I've had a lot of evidence. by the way, he is my first love. Our relationship is only 7 months, i though he didnt serious with me then i asked him to break up. yaalaaaa~ I scared broken heart at that moment... and I do not know anything about love, I was 13 years old at the time.

You know what things make me laugh??
i've going out with him for awhile but I havent ask their permit~ they are very worried about me, they thought that I had been kidnapped by him. LOL~ Photobucket
I do not know where my parents get his parents's cell phone numbers then they called his parents, they asked my existence. HAHAHA~!
the effect is his parents mad at him. sorry dude... i still child that moment..

he became my memory now~ do not bother me anymore yaa.... remember your wife! hehe...
I hope you're happy~ and forget me!milkysmile

let's thinking ahead! I must achieve my future goals to become a clinical psychologist.. I have a million dreams, one of which I want to go around the world~ ❤
wish me luck! Photobucket

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