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Sunday, March 06, 2011


love is a murderer!

what do you think about L.O.V.E???
sweet?? funny???
for me love is murderer! love is sweet in the beginning but it will be bitter in the end.
honestly, I can be very fragile because of love.
I heard there was a chinese men who committed suicide by jumped off from his apartement after he broke up with his girlfriend 2 months ago~
very stupid! he is handsome but stupid! how can he let his life just for a woman he knew for 4 months?? just 4 months! milkysmile
I know how he's feeling when he lost his adored. I also ever felt it and ever think to do the same with him~ i know its very hurt.. milkysmile
I felt so horrible when I hear there are people who commit suicide because of love~ they do not have a religion so they dared to do that all?

You make me fall apart.
You make me abysmally.
You make me powerless.
You refuse me, ignore me.
How to,
Breaking down the hardness of your hearts.
I realize, I do not perfect.
I do not like what you want.
You crush me with your attitude.
Did not realize you've hurt me.
Tired this heart to convince you.
this Love is killing me

actually, love it only need one word that is trust and then develop into a faithfulness.

do not love someone with excessive because it will be hatred also do not hate someone with excessive because it will be a love. believe me~! milkysmile

suicide using poison, hanging self, jumped off is not a way to end life.
remember, God will not give trials that exceed the limits of his servant because god knows his servants can do to overcome this trials~
my teacher said that the biggest trials in our lives is when we in life menage..

if you have any problems let share to me, your friend or relative you trust~
because it will reduce your stress or maybe they can help you in solving your problems and should not be the person with autism. (suicide is autism)~ hehe...
yeah~ that's my reason for studying psychology. With studying psychology, I can find out how to cope it all.
I want to help those who have psychiatric problems~ hopefully I can achieve my dreams..

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