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Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Dangerous Foods For Hamsters

1. All Types of Leaf Vegetables

Some types of vegetables, especially leafy vegetables are not good given excessively to hamster. Hamster advised not to consume various kinds of leafy vegetables, especially white leafy vegetables.
vegetables that are gummy, such as water spinach, can cause heartburn. Provision in excess vegetables can cause a hamster too frequent defecation, even diarrhea. These symptoms can be known from the hamster's ass is always wet. If the hamster had diarrhea, stop giving vegetables (including carrots) and replace it with grain or concentrate. The need for water also increases when the hamster has diarrhea.

2. Chili and Spicy Food
Chili and other spicy food should not be given to the hamsters. Chili makes the sensation so dangerous for hamsters. Besides, can cause indigestion in hamsters.

3. Salted Fish and Other salty Food
Fish salted and other food containing salt should not be given to the hamsters. This type of feeding in hamsters may result in hamster fur loss.

4. Chocolates and Candy
Chocolate and candy are harmful to the hamster. Chocolate is poisonous to hamsters. Meanwhile in the candy, often contain chemicals that do not exist in the hamster food. In addition, the sugar content in both are bad for hamsters.

5. Instant Food
Instant food such as snacks, noodles, or whatever shape with different brands sold in the market, should not be given to the hamsters. Often these foods contain chemicals as dyes and preservatives that can not be tolerated hamsters. In excess, these chemicals can cause tumors, cancer, and disorders of pregnancy. In addition, instant food almost certainly contain salt, which can cause hair loss in hamsters.

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