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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


tips on caring for a pregnant hamster

1. If the female hamster's stomach already looks distended, is required to separate from male hamster.

2. Clean the cage that will be occupied by the female hamsters that need to be washed so that it feels comfortable and calm, and remove the toy for a pregnant hamster aggression level is very high and in this way can reduce the risk of miscarriage for the female. And provide home accessories to hamster nest, it will give birth later in the hamster home, do not forget also to include small pieces of fabric as a base in hamster home or can also use sawdust.
3. Provide nutritious foods such as millet seeds, walnut, bread, boiled eggs (whites only three days one time), carrots (half for 1 week), young corn (once a week), boiled cassava, apples (half for 1 week), and bean sprouts given periodically in the morning and afternoon.

4. After giving birth do not often see moreover hold for two weeks until the baby is growing hair, otherwise the baby would be eaten. There are several factors why the mother to be a cannibal, it's usually because of human scent in the body of the baby. The female is stress because of the atmosphere around it was too crowded by human or animal predators so think a little about setting a cage. The mother starving be do not let the food supply runs out, the child is usually weak because of malnutrition when their mothers are pregnant it can also be a cannibal on hamster. If it is forced to hold the mother and baby are advised to use gloves so that the parent does not smell humans (neutral). Or can also use a tablespoon.

5. After the baby 3 weeks old already can separated with her ​​mother. give the lag time around 1-2 weeks for the mother to rest to recover her stamina. then be mixed again with the male and toys also can be included into the cage. But remember you should never mix 3 weeks old baby with their parents because the male could have killed his children and ate them. Usually after the female is mixed again with males, she will become pregnant again within range of the next 2 weeks.

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