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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


syrian hamster - the black syrian hamster

Originally, Syrian Hamsters came in just one color. The mixture of brown, black, and gold which gave them their “golden” name. But they have since developed a myriad of color and pattern mutations such as cream, white, blonde, cinnamon, tortoiseshell, black,three different shades of gray, dominant spot, banded, dilute, just to name a few.

Black Bear hamsters are a very unique type of Syrian hamster. Black Bear hamsters are actually a type of Teddy Bear (or long-haired Syrian) hamster that was originally bred for its black fur markings. Black Bear hamsters are fairly popular today for people that value the unuique markings and gentle temperament commonly seen in most Black Bear hamsters.

Black Bear Hamsters are said to be calmer and more friendly than their golden teddy bear counterparts, but they are all belong to the same Syrian Hamsters.
As an adult, a black bear hamster will be an average size of 6 inches in length. You can feed black bear hamsters the same kind of hamster food as you would feed to other hamsters. Always make sure they have fresh water and clean bedding.
Even with their friendly nature, you should not keep more than one hamster in a cage.

Black Bear hamsters can often be easily handled, without nipping or biting (as long as you are gentle). For small children, Black Bear hamsters often make a good first pet.

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