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Sunday, July 24, 2011


the hybrid hamster

The Hybrid hamster - is a cross among species hamsters that produces hamsters without a definite identity.

Hybrid hamsters could only happen because of human intervention. Marriage among types of hamsters will never be found in the wild. Hamster hybrids intended to hamsters results of a cross between a mini hamsters-type campbell and winter white. In the wild, both types of hamsters are from different areas. Actually mating between two types of these hamsters is not a wise thing for both types of these hamsters have a tendency to develop different diseases. So, by doing a cross between hamster basically same as bring or collect at least two tendencies of disease that can strike within one body hamsters. If we had known this, we should not try it.

Identifying A Hybrid Hamster

Hybrids are a combination of both of the species and as such they have characteristics of both species. No amount of breeding back to one of the species will remove all the characteristics of the other species from a hybrid but it can make them less obvious.
A hybrid with strong Campbells characteristics may have the flat profile and puffy nose of the Campbells but most often has a thicker dorsal stripe (wider between the shoulders) from the Winter White and the eyes may be closer to the ears than the nose.
A hybrid with strong Winter White characteristics may have the bullet shaped body but most often it has a thinner dorsal stripe than on the pure Winter White, lacks the darker colour that defines the arches and lacks coloured hairs ticked in the whiter areas under the side arches. Most often they have a slightly "puffy" nose from the Campbells and the eyes are less prominent and equal distance from the ears and nose.
Although hybrids make equally as good a pet as the Campbells or Winter White Russian hamster the deliberate breeding of hybrids should be avoided for many reasons as outlined on the page relating to the interbreeding hamster species.

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