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Thursday, October 27, 2011


our story between me and derrick lee xin yan

maybe after i write this post, i never cry again... but its hard to me to dont cry while he always on my mind..
this is about the journey story between me and derrick lee xin yan..
okaayyhh... before i meet him, i have a friend named bernice (BPF).. im forget how i can became friend with her..

they are both from Malaysia..
one day, brenda ever told me that she like her friend in fb (Filipina guy) but that guy hurt her~ urrmm... then i wanna to help her. i saw her status fb is in a relationship a guy, relationship with derrick lee xin. i thought derrick is that filipina guy and im add derrick's acc to talk with him.
but brenda told me that he is not a filipina guy and derrick is just her friend.

ahhh... im soo embarassed!! hwehehe...
we r become friend after it..
and "this feeling" to him come in my heart..
but he changed his relationship status! huaaaaaa....
i ask him but he told..
singlee~!!!! wiiihhh... but why no need gf? he told that he have trauma because of his ex-gf! its same with me. we have trauma about love!
he ask me to do...

i'll do it for him just because of i like him, so i'll do anything for him. and i dont know what the heck he ask me to be his gf. REAL GF!
i still not believe about it.. so i answer "up 2 u" then "YES"~ how lucky iam till i can be his real gf?

after that i start to know his life.. i know his elder sister and lil brother
i know also his friends, julian, benardine (his ex-gf), jessica, rebecca yiap, sharon lim(darren's ex gf)

me and derrick also meet in SMS. i dont mind although the cost is expensive in here.. i spen much money for him.. for SMS-ing, facebooking, twitter-ing thats all i'll do just because of "LOVE"! and that time, i havent own broadband so if he online i go to cafe internet and if already night i online used phone. urmm..
and i always subscribes his fb status and twitter. ssshhh~! i never told about it to derrick. hehe..

i love his joke
i said that he have "sipit" eyes (small eyes) but he said "sepet" eyes.
he is the ugly alien, sweet dear, froggie.. hwehehe..

he is always do "begadang" (=not sleep in the night or sleep late) so he sick. i think he is just get flu..
i hear that he fall from the stair, and he got comma~!!!! in the first i dont believe it but i saw his sister and brother status talking about that!

brenda told me that she saw darren or derrick is crying. then i ask derrick why he cry? at first he didnt want to tell to me..

after that his attitude is getting more weird! he is also deactived his acc!
but we still keep in touch in darren's acc and SMS.

suddenly derrick leave me alone in here.. he broke me up!

then he come back! i add him, i just randomly add but i got him.. he used nickname Jun Ho 리데릭. and i just realized that the meaning of 리데릭 is RIDERIK and dont say yes thats mean RI = for me (RIRIS) and DERIK is his self!!!? *tearsfallingdown
he come back to talk with me after operation. and he said that he's bald! just u know rick, swear i dont value u with ur face, not because of chinese or something else! i love ur joke! i love talking with u!! i love everything of u!!! #swear

we are missunderstanding in here... and this all is my fault.
i put status that "who's wanna to be my bf in here? just send me a relationship status and i'll approve it" and some one send it and ask me to approve quickly. he call me sayang in comment and wall. absolutely i do it because of im really broken heart. i like a shit after derrick broke me up.. but really i still love him in that time till now!!

he lying to me! he said that he in a relationship.

i hate my self~!!! swear! really hate! this all is my fault! riris's fault!!! arrggghhh...
the fact:

and i want derrick proof his promise:

i miss ur words:
"dont waste your time just for me, u must study hard in there" - derrick lee xin yan

im ever ask rick to come back to me.. but he dont want.. so now i wont force him for love me back..

my tears falling down again rite now.. and my eyes became to small.. #swolleneyes

Derrick, if u someday read this.. please smile.. smile just for me.. and dont forget about this all..
im ever never foget u rick! SMILE! *u always ask me to smile rite? and im smile rite now.. ^^

i just want u always fine in there..

im ever ask to god for gimme the second chance to talk with u but i was waste it.. and i hope god will gimme other chance to meet u in real..

P/S: i still have many more memories with derrick lee xin yan than this.

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