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Wednesday, October 26, 2011



heeyy.. good afternoon everyone~! good afternoon too for derrick lee xin yan! i hope u always fine in there..
i just come back from the lecture... very tired o~! i didnt sleep last night just because of do the psychology's assignment. yeah,, me and derrick often do "begadang" together and i miss that moment soo badly!
hoahem~! i want to take a nap this afternoon.. but i must back to Boyolali, home sweet home.. i miss my hamsters soooo badly!!! LOL Photobucket

i go to boyolali alone this day.. so i should go to my mom's office then can go to together with my mom. hwehehe...
i bring many psychology's assignment to Boyolali. hahay~ im in a relationship with many assignment right now.. kkkkk~ i love my life! #ngoook
next week is the exams week, the middle semester exam.. ahh~ how can i study if like this?? this assignments are killing me! god~! give me the power!!
ahhh, dizzy!!! wanna to take a nap right now.. then go to mom's office! baii~!

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