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Sunday, October 16, 2011


roborovski hamster

Roborovski are the smallest of all hamster species with adults reaching approximately 2 inches (4 to 5 cm) in length. unlike other dwarf species, the roborovski doesn't have a dorsal stripe and tehir legs are slightly longer. The top coat is a sandy brown with a slide grey under coat, the belly and side arches are pure white. Their large black eyes are emphasized with a white facial marking which slightly resemble eyebrows.

Roborovski are extremely active, making them somewhat difficult to handle, but certainly entertaining. In addition to a wheel, they like several hiding places and things to climb on. Due to their small size they can be difficult to keep in wire cages. Roborovski is a very clean animal, it spends much of it's time with grooming itself.

Roborovski Breeding

Roborovski hamsters are easier to breed than the Chinese hamster but slightly more difficult than the campbells and winter white breeds with difficulty varying between individual hamsters. The female will usually be pregnant between 23 and 30 days.

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