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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


aptitude / talent / giftedness

Definition of aptitude:
Basic skills (specifically) that are innate and potential so requires education and training in order to materialize into an optimal performance / achievement
  • Differences with the ability. Ability = power to perform an action at the moment now. Aptitude = potential capabilities that need to be educated & trained in order to do that will come.
  • The difference with interest. Interest = aspects of affective, cognitive. Aptitude = aspects of psychomotor.
The concept of intellectual talents
  • The three rings conceptions by renzulli.
  • He said that no single criterion that can be used to determine talents. But talents should be no interaction between three criteria : Above average ability, Task commitment, Creativity.
        The theory of Talent According to Gallup International
        • Gallup international is a research institute that created the software "Talents Mapping and Job function" to find out someone's talent associated with the appropriate job role.
        • The basis of making this software is the result of research that preceded the idea of positive psychology lecturer psychology at the University of Nebraska, Prof. Donald O. Clifton since the 60's.
        The result of Gallup International's research :
          • The results of survey on over than 2 million workers, 80,000 managers, as well as thousands of companies of various types of industry, found 34 themes of talent (in 2001).
          • Talent is a combination of natural talent that has existed since birth, knowledge and skills that can form the strength in a person.
          Talent Classification according to Gallup :
            • Relating Talents = talents to build relationships with others
            • Impacting Talents = talents to influence others
            • Striving Talents = talents for self-motivation
            • Thinking Talents = talents to think
              The factors in the development of Talent
              • Internal factors (in self)
              1. Genetic
              2. Intelligence
              3. Creativity
              4. Interest
              5. Desire to achieve / motivation
              6. Tenacity, perseverance, toughness
              7. Process of modeling / modeled on older people, environment
              • External factors (outside the self - the environment)
              1. The existence of a model / example (parent, relatives, friend, idol)
              2. Support (parent, relatives, friends, teachers)
              3. Opportunity
              4. Infrastructure facilities
              5. Education and training
              6. The level of socioeconomic status
              7. Geographic location of residence (urban, suburban, rural)
              The method for detecting Talent :
              • TEST METHODS : performance tests,work-sample tests, visual acuity and hearing tests, tests psychomotor ability, mechanical ability, clerical ability, artistic and musical ability.
              • NON-TEST METHODS : observation of performance - achievement in a field.
              Differential Apptitude Test
              • for educational counseling and vocational junior high & high school students
              • There are two components that General Abilities Battery (GAB) & Technical Abilities Battery (TAB)
              • GAB: verbal reasoning test, numbers reasoning, abstract reasoning
              • TAB: numbers reasoning, abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning, space relations
              General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB)
              • Used for high school students & adults as a means of job placement tests and vocational counseling
              • Consisting of nine major natural skills & abilities: General Learning Ability, Verbal, Numerical, Spatial, Form Perception, Clerical Perception, Motor Coordination, Finger Dexterity, Manual Dexterity

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