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Monday, December 09, 2013



Aggressive according to Baron (in Koeswara, 1998) is the behavior of individuals with the aim to hurt or harm another individual. Myers (in Adriani, 1985) said that aggressive behavior is physical or verbal behavior to injure others. According to Dollar and Miler (in Sarwono, 1988) aggression is impingement of feeling frustrated. According to Berkowitz (1987), aggression is a form of behavior that has a specific intent to injure physically or psychologically in others. Murray (in Hall and Lindzey, 1981) says that aggression is a way to cope with strong resistance or punish others.
Various sense of aggression that has been stated above, it can be concluded that the behavior of aggression is impingement behavior from feeling frustrated to cope with strong resistance or punish others, who aimed to hurt others physically and psychologically on others to do it physical or verbal.

Factors Contributing to Aggression:
According to Davidoff (in Mu'tadin, 2002) there are several factors that can lead to aggressive behavior, that is:
1. Biological factors :
There are several biological factors that influence the behavior of aggression, that is factor gene, the factor of brain systems and chemical factors bleed. Here is a brief description of these factors:
  • Genes influence on the formation of the neural systems that regulate research conducted on animals, ranging from the difficult to the easiest anger, hereditary factors seem to make irritable males compared to females.
  • System of the brain involved in aggression was found to amplify or control aggression.
  • Blood chemistry. Blood chemistry, especially sex hormones partly determined hereditary factors affect behavioral aggression
2. Social Learning Factor
By watching fights and murders although little is bound to cause stimulation and allows the model to mimic the violence.
3. environmental factors
Aggressive behavior is caused by several factors. Here's a brief description of these factors:

  • the poverty
When a child is raised in an environment of poverty, then they are naturally aggressive behavior have increased
  • anonymity
Big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and other major cities presents a variety of sound, light, and various information that is extraordinary magnitude. People automatically tend to try to adapt to make adjustments to the excessive stimulation. Too much sensory stimulation in cognitive made ​​the world a very impersonal, meaning from one person to another person no longer know each other or know very well. Furthermore, individuals tend to be anonymous (not having identity). When a person feels anonymous, it tends to behave in their own way, because he was no longer bound by the norms of society and less sympathetic to others.
  • Hot temperatures and crowding
A high temperature environment has an impact on the social behavior of increased aggressiveness.
4. Factor Anger
Angry is an emotion that has the characteristics of the parasympathetic nervous system activity is high and the feeling is not very strong like that is usually caused by an error, which may be real or false or not.

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