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Monday, December 16, 2013


how to distinguish between the campbell hamster with winter white hamster

Heyya readers!! still confused about your hamster? still confused what the type of your hammy, campbell or winter white? read this...
This is the difference of Campbell hamsters and winter white hamster:

  • The Back line / Dorsal

The biggest difference from the two is most easily seen is the back line. Winter White has a very thick dorsal while Campbell has a thin dorsal. Winter White in the dorsal part of the head and neck are usually thicker while the dorsal Campbell straight from nose until tail, a bit thick in the head, but not as thick as the Winter White. Unfortunately, this distinction is not always visible if the two types is already in hybrid intentional or unintentional. Hybrid usually have such a thick dorsal Winter White.

campbell normal

winter white normal

  • color
    Winter White hamsters natural color is darker, gray and dark brown are basically more bluish gray. Campbell hamsters brighter colors and more light brownish gray.

    • The three arch
    In the Winter White hamsters, this arch brown lines / colors more visible. While at Campbell hamsters more subtle and more visible lines faintly yellowish color.

    campbell hamster

    whinter white hamster

    • Shape
    When viewed from above, looks like a Winter White hamster egg shape (little above then widened below). while Campbell hamsters, wider shoulders then narrowed in the middle. If from above looks like a figure 8. Campbell hamsters look more muscular than the Winter White.
    • Fur
    Winter White has fur thicker, more tightly fur. Campbell fur is longer and not tightly Winter White. Winter White has a "Winter Coat" which can vary in color from light gray, white patches until almost white. Campbell does not have the "Winter Coat".
    • Head
    Winter White head is wider and shorter, Campbell has a head like a triangular shape.
    • Nose shape
    Campbell's nose is bigger and looks like 2 pieces separate spheres.

    campbell hamster

    winter white hamster

    Note the different distance eye, ear shape and the shape of their noses

    • Ear shape
    Winter White ears are smaller and often folded. One could instead folded his ears. At Campbell wider and larger ears and only slightly folded, ears are always upright.
    • Long Tail
    Campbell tail is longer than the Winter White. Winter White has a shorter tail with the tail fur are almost covered.

    campbell hamster

    winter white hamster

    • Eye shape
    Campbell oval eyes. When Campbell feel uncomfortable, they will be impressed narrowed his eyes and cynically. Winter White eyes look rounder, when it feels uncomfortable sometimes Winter White squinted almost closed. Campbell eyes closer together than the Winter White, it is because basically Campbell hamsters have different natural enemies with Winter White. Campbell hamsters enemies usually go straight into their nest holes, therefore the more aggressive nature of Campbell, attacking and biting are ways to chase the enemy out of the nest.
    Campbell's vision towards the future also better from Winter White. Winter White is the natural enemy of owls and they capture prey by hearing. Therefore, Winter White broader vision to see his enemies.
    • Character
    Winter White hamsters which are natural cowards. If not benign, they can be very frightened and screaming. They do not often bite. Campbell almost never yell. When the Campbell hamster fear, they would rather stick around and bite. Campbell is more defensive towards the region. Especially females.
    • Animals were grouped
    Campbell is more clustered than the Winter White. Campbell is more easily grouped in a single enclosure. Winter White is more difficult because it would be fighting each other at the time when they are grown up and looking for a partner

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