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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Blogspot redirected to & Solutions to Overcome It

was a week my blog redirect to
I think it is not can be repaired, so I want to create a new blog...
I have found a way to repair it. read and try it if u have same problems with me..
I hope this post can help u.. was actually a free web hosting site (max 30 MB). Unfortunately, web hosting it often used to store and host the webloaded negative things (spam, phishing, malware, scams, etc.), so that then gets blacklisted from review sites free web hosting. And unfortunately again, who redirects to malware (and several other free web hosting site) consists of various types, considering the people who make it that much, although it may be almost the same way. So that will be needed a lot of ways to overcome them.

Actually, this redirect case does not happen to Blogger, from what I see, many Facebook users who are also trapped and redirected to the Usually encountered when a user want to login. Form of redirected URLs also vary, but usually consist of a row of long url that contains certain commands as well. But once inside, redirect failed because the site or page has been deleted by who is hosting party. itself is actually a web site hosting business.
Usually blogs redirected to address this kind:

Blogspot redirect are caused by the use of widgets / gadgets that contains the javascript who gave the order to lead to one url In this case the redirect do by The order was certainly caused by two possibilities:
1. Blog owners who enter certain external widgets into a blog.
2. There are others who deliberately alter the content of the blog through hacking / hijacking. (Hopefully not happened that way)

Because the blogspot redirect cases are caused by the use external widgets, then there are two possible solutions who can be used:
1. Delete / off gadgets / widgets who lately that you install. Try to be remembered what you plug the gadget before finally redirected to blog.
From the page elements> Click "edit" on the gadget> Then remove
2. If you do not remember what the gadget is installed. Use the following manner:
a. Open the Edit HTML / Edit Template.
b. Click / tick the "expand widget templates".
c. Find (press Ctrl + F)
d. If the source of the problem that's met.
e. Note the script, delete the entire section of script.
The script started from the tag
f. save the template.
g. Check the blog is still experiencing the redirect.

If not see when looking at the edit HTML, try searching

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